I never make the same painting twice so you can be assured that your commission will be completey unique to you and your requirements!

Payment for a commission is always split into smaller amounts throughout the process and, depending on size, I will always work on at least two or three “versions” of your commission so that, at the end, you are able to choose your favourite!

Commissions on canvas and board can be supplied unframed or framed in a wooden tray frame in a colour of your choosing. All commissions are delivered free of charge within the UK.

Use the box below to send me a message or email me at joy@joygosney.co.uk

Commissioning a painting.

A new painting can really transform a space and complement what is already there.

If you are considering a bespoke painting for a space then please do send me a message in the box below, I’ll be happy to chat about what you would like in terms of size, colour and subject matter and provde you with a no-obligation quote.

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