When they said to me, “Joy, we want you to brand our children’s festival this year with a circus theme, do your thing!” ~ I was pretty excited to oblige.This was the second year that I’ve had creative control of this festival, now in it’s 5th year and going stronger than ever.




The feeling of turning all my ideas into reality – for everything from the souvenir programme, the personalised crew shirts, the marketing and merchandise through to the colourful bunting I helped the children make which transformed the already beautiful site into a riot of colour, was, quite honestly, incredible!




It seems that my little icons worked a treat on the menu and site plan I designed and tied it all together with a logo which evokes everything you could want from a carnival.




When I take on a job, I do it for the pure joy of creating, but when it’s finished and all the positive feedback comes, well, you can imagine how special that feels too.




I very much wanted to infuse every aspect of the design with the family-centered feel of the festival and make it as colourful and characterful as I could to engage all our ticket holders, both young and not so young.




I am sure that many happy memories were made on the day and I was very proud to have been a part of that yet again this year!



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