Ok, so the weather in the UK hasn’t been quite roasting hot…yet…but that didn’t stop me enjoying a most fabulous mini-festival last month, for which I also had the pleasure of designing and re-branding all the marketing and programme materials.




This family friendly festival has run for 3 years in a row (quite an achievement for an event run entirely by volunteers) and now, in it’s 4th year and with new organisers, it was time for a re-brand.




I wanted to convey all the aspects of the festival within the logo so I used a collection of icons to create a coherent whole. That allowed me to continue the theme throughout the programme, using smaller icons to give a flavour of the food, drink and merriment on offer during the day. My letterpress style typographic treatment of the festival name also carried through to the programme and marketing posters.




I’m already looking forward to next year’s event when I’ll be able to tweak and re-use this years logo whilst retaining the strong new look, with a new colour scheme too. Now, who’s for strawberries and cream..?




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