Costa Rica

Here is my map of Costa Rica appearing in November’s Condé Nast Traveller Magazine. A welcome reminder of sunshine as autumnal weather takes hold here..!



For the love of paper



This summer I spent 5 weeks indulging in a fabulous online course called PaperLove run by paper artist Rachel Hazell – “The Travelling Bookbinder” and Do What You Love.
I got so inspired by all things papery, learnt so much and had a fantastic time. After the course, I gave an interview to the team about my experience and a little of the history of my own paper passion – you can read it here.




Determined to spread the love, next week I will deliver a whole days worth of papery workshops to each class (from reception to year 6) at my local school.

They are taking part in the National Gallery’s “Take One Picture” scheme and will be looking at a painting called “Beach Scene” by Degas. So we will base our paper making craft around this and while the infants will make their very own seaside bunting, the older children will make unique “holiday journals” using found paper, like these I created on the course.

I can’t wait and hope the children will come away with a whole new perspective on that often overlooked, but absolutely essential thing that is PAPER!

Christmas Typography

This week I submitted my entry for the Tigerprint Christmas Typography Competition. The brief was to design some unique christmassy type to sit over a photograph supplied by Tigerprint. This photo seemed to be begging for baubles, so I was happy to oblige.



Costa Rica for CN Traveller

Whenever I complete a map for the lovely CN Traveller Magazine, I always end up feeling like I’ve somehow “been” to the place in question…





Maybe it’s the beautiful photos that accompany the piece, maybe it’s the re-interpreting of the geographical map of the place, or maybe it’s just that I like to immerse myself so completely in the feel of the area conjured by the writing – whatever it is it’s a great feeling and I hope it shows in the final illustration!

Here’s my latest, due out in next month’s issue.



Penguin India Birthday Catalogue

I was asked to create a front cover and double page spreads for the Penguin India 2012 catalogue on a celebratory theme.

The cover featured the Penguin Car which had been given a custom paint job and was driven around the streets to celebrate Penguin’s 25th anniversary.



Bill Bryson’s Shakespeare

For the first edition of Bill Bryson’s Shakespeare, I was asked to create a pen and ink drawing for the front cover, I also created an author portrait in the same vein.

I was then asked to contribute many more illustrations for The Illustrated Edition.


The History of Food

A small selection of the illustrations I was delighted to create for William Sitwell’s book “A History of Food in 100 Recipes”.



Caribbean Metagee

A sunny little illustration for the Guardian Newspaper’s Family section, on memories of well loved family meals.



Tales of Friendship

Ruskin Bond is one of India’s best known and loved authors, particularly for children. Here’s a book jacket I designed and illustrated for his collection of short stories “Thick as Thieves” about friendship.




I also created the little chapter headers for each story inside.





Some maps of the USA, Nantucket,




and Washington, for the endpapers of reporter and journalist Matt Frei’s “Only in America”,




New York City for CN Traveller




and Vermont and New Hampshire.